How to Prepare a Listing for Professional Photography

When having your listing professionally photographed, prepping before the photographer arrives will make all the difference in the experience. Ideally, you want everything ready so that when the photographer arrives, the don't have to worry about doing any sort of additional housework. This will not only shave hours off of an appointment, but it will also ensure the photographer's best work, as it will allow them to focus on exposure, composition, and planning the perfect shots. 

It is especially important for everything to be ready and to have the home in the best possible shape for Matterport shoots. Any slight adjustment during the shoot can throw off the entire experience. 

Here are 7 Tips to Ensure the Home is Photo Ready

1. Show Up Early

One of the best ways to prepare a listing for professional photography is to arrive early to prep. Arriving up to an hour early gives you the opportunity to get the house ready. Remember that some homes take longer than others to prep, and it's best to not be rushed when setting up the perfect capture.

You should already be familiar with the home and the shoot should never be your first time on the property.

2. Make Direction Easier by Turning on the Lights in the Rooms to Be Photographed

This will help the photographer identify which rooms need to be shot. Don't worry about the lighting itself; the photographer may decide to turn them off for aesthetic purposes, depending on the lighting in the room. 

This simple, yet effective, prepping strategy will help move the shoot along more efficiently.

3. Open Curtains and Blinds to Desired Height

The sun makes for a great light source, and ensuring the curtains are open will make the room feel more inviting. Once the photographer arrives, he or she will have an immediate sense of the natural light available, which will assist in capturing each room in the most captivating way.

4. Tidy Up the Living Spaces

Another way to best prepare for professional photography is to make sure all living spaces are clean and tidied up. Prioritize consolidating clutter and ensuring the furniture is laid out perfectly. Unswept floors, slightly dirty mirrors, and any slight traces of dirt aren't typically noticeable with wide angle photography, so it's important you focus on clutter first. Also make sure to remove any family photos and personal items. 

This is one of the most important things you can do as you prep the listing, which is why it's important to show up early and make sure that this is all taken care of.

5. Tidy up the Kitchen

When it comes to photographing kitchens, the less distractions, the better. Make sure you remove unnecessary or outdated items like coffee pots and cutting boards. After tidying up the kitchen, you may feel it looks a bit sterile, but rest assured, it's normal to feel that way when the things we're most used to seeing are removed. Again, remember, less is best.

6. Clean Up the Bathrooms

It should go without saying, but one thing you absolutely have to make sure you pay close attention to are the bathrooms. Everything needs to be cleared off the counters. The bath maths need to be removed, and the toilet lids need to be closed. If the shower has curtains, they need to be left open.

Don't forget to add fresh towels.

7. Last, But Not Least, Prepare the Exterior

Make sure there are no cars in the driveway and that all pathways are cleaned up and clear. Remove any items left outside like toys, tools, and sports equipment. They should all be put away.

To add the perfect clean, cozy vibe to the exterior, put clean cushions on any outdoor patio furniture.

So there you have it! Remember that the more you prepare, the smoother the professional photoshoot will be.